Environmental Restoration/Engineering

CE2 staff has extensive experience in providing clients with insight and assistance managing their large, complex environmental programs, including the following areas:

  • Implementing the full range of CERCLA Superfund activities including RI/FS, ARAR analysis, risk assessment, Proposed Plan, Record of Decision, Remedial Design, EE/CA, QAPP, Community Relations Plan, Five-Year Reviews, and Action Memorandum documents.
  • Remedial Investigations, including site characterization, monitor well installation, soil sampling, soil vapor surveys, hydraulic testing, and risk assessments.
  • Feasibility Studies and Remedial Actions, including the design, implementation, and optimization of ground water and soil remediation systems for VOCs, metals, perchlorate, nitrate, high-explosive compounds, and radioactive isotopes.
  • Evaluating sites for potential long-term storage and disposal of mixed waste.
  • Conducting hazardous and radioactive waste landfill investigations, performance evaluations, and closures.
  • Coordinating the design, implementation, optimization, and documentation of CERCLA time-critical Removal Actions.
  • Developing and implementing Monitored Natural Attenuation remedies.
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