Waste Management

CE2 has successfully provided millions of dollars in waste management services to our federal clients. Some of the key waste management activities that CE2 can provide are listed below:

  • Waste management strategies for non-hazardous, hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes including:
    • conducting economic, technical, regulatory, and risk analyses
    • assessing waste collection, transport, and storage alternatives
    • identifying recycling/reuse alternatives
    • assessing source reduction opportunities
    • evaluating waste to energy alternatives
    • assessing onsite and offsite waste treatment options
    • performing new technology assessments
    • identifying waste disposal facilities
  • Waste characterization/waste profiling studies including:
    • identifying relevant characterization criteria
    • conducting sampling and physical/chemical analysis
    • interpreting waste characterization data
    • providing waste management recommendations based on characterization study results
  • Contractor identification and oversight for contractors conducting waste treatment and/or disposal operations, and contractors capable of processing difficult to treat waste systems
  • Pollution Prevention studies, programs, and reports
  • Routine waste management and regulatory compliance reports
  • Waste management permitting support including:
    • evaluating relevant requirements
    • preparing RCRA facility permit applications for operation, closure and post-closure care
    • preparing NPDES permit applications
    • analysis of regulatory comments
    • assisting in permit negotiation with regulatory agencies
    • obtaining waste generator identification numbers
    • compliance support for California's tiered-permitting system
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