Information Management

Some of the projects that our staff have worked on include:
The Mixed Waste Database (MWDB) is both a web-based database as well as an MS Access database for tracking the activities and milestones of mixed waste at DOE laboratories or other sites in California, and for generating several, detailed reports for submittal to DTSC each year.

(Applications used: MS Access, Dreamweaver, Fireworks)

Flash interactive presentation for DOE/OAK and General Atomics Decontaminating & Decommissioning Project includes a pictorial of the completed project with narration.

Presentation requires Adobe's Flash Player which may be found here.

Click here to view the presentation.

(Applications used: Flash, Fireworks, n-Track Studio)
The design of the Nuclear Energy Research Initiative (NERI) Tracker Website, a DOE/HQ program implemented through DOE/OAK that awards grants to universities, laboratories and others to advance the state of nuclear energy technology.

(Applications used: MS Access, Dreamweaver, Fireworks)
The Integrated Site Closure website was designed to aid in project management for several DOE/OAK sites. The web-based system includes tracking of documents, closure status and milestones as well as several dynamic reports.

(Applications used: MS Access, Dreamweaver, Fireworks)
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